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CS50 Hackathon (2012)

Every year, CS50 hosts a Hackathon in which students stay up all night finishing their final projects for the semester. Hundreds of students come in with their laptops and spend the night coding, eating (CS50 provides late night pizza, 2AM Chinese food, and breakfast pancakes), staying caffinated, and socializing. This poster tells the story of the Hackathon night, from top left to bottom right. And because "This is CS50," there are 50 red circular shapes depicted in the design.

CS50 Fair (2011)

At the end of each semester, CS50 organizes the CS50 Fair, an epic display of its 700+ students' final projects. The Fair attracts thousands of people from around campus and creates a carnival-like, fun atmosphere with music, popcorn, and balloons.

CS50 Puzzle Day (2012)

A poster for the Puzzle Day that CS50 hosts, sponsored by Facebook. The design is based on that of the previous year's Fair.

Journey to the West (2011)

A poster for the "Chinese Symphonic Masterpieces" concert organized by Harvard students. Featured in this concert is the world premiere of the "Journey to the West," composed by Oliver Caplan, and the poster draws from this famous Chinese tale by depicting the Monkey King traveling from Eastern to Western landscape. This journey westward reflects the concert's own progression as it starts with an Asian song and ends with an European masterpiece.

Harvard for Japan (2011)

The Harvard Japan Society organized a Harvard for Japan week in response to the earthquakes and tsunami of March 11, 2011. The red bracelets in the poster were sold to raise money and awareness for the disasters.

Harvard for Japan (2011)

The poster is for the second week and depicts the "Harvard for Japan" t-shirts, which were sold in addition to the bracelets that week.

CS50 Fair (2012)

A poster for the 2012's version of the CS50 Fair that continues the balloon motif and points to the theatricality of the production.

CS50 Fair (2010)

One of the older designs for the CS50 Fair.


Logo for the ASIJ library's Sakura Medal reading contest.

For the 40th anniversary of the Reischauer Institute. The ceremonial mizuhiki symbolizes Harvard's close ties with Japan.

Used for the Harvard Beijing Academy t-shirts and based on the 2008 Olympics logo.

The official CS50 logo, used on t-shirts, stress balls, balloons, and even M&Ms.

A variation of the "Harvard for Japan" logo for a summer program at the Sanriku region.

A concept logo for an energy drink.

The Digital Archive of Japan's 2011 Disasters, a research project about the 2011 tsunami and its aftereffects.

A concept logo for an app designed for curating digital memories.

A logo for an internal program encouraging employees to dogfood Microsoft products.


The Windows 8.1 Mail app, which provides different "views" of your email to help you stay organized.

The Scheduling Assistant on the Windows 8 Calendar app, which helps users find the best times to have meetings with others.

A caricature, produced entirely in Adobe Illustrator, of the townhouse I shared with my two roommates in Seattle.


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